We welcome and thankyou for your valuable time and kind attention to visit our site. Ayurvedic treatment was developed in Bharat many thousands years ago by lord DHANVANTRI (AVTAAR of BHAGWAN VISHNU) from the Hindu tradition. Lord Dhanvantri (GOD of Ayurvedic medicines) appears in the Vedas and Puranas as the Physician (Vaid) of gods (devas) . Ayurveda is sum total of Ayu (life) + Vedas (knowledge). Body is composed of mainly five elements which are air, fire, water, earth and space i.e .Panch Mahabhut . When any one of the five elements go out of balance due to improper life style and diet,some diseases may occour. All the ailments are originated by Tridosha i.e. Vaat, Pitta and Kaffa . Ayurvedic medicines balances the tridosha of Vaat, pitta and kaffa . Ayurvedic medicines are effective in common and complicated diseases and having no side effects and focus on good health .
HITAYU HERBAL & RESEARCH PHARMACEUTICALS. Get Attractive Gift with Every Purchase of Rs.10000/- and above.EVERGOLD SUGARHIT EVERFIT COMBIFIT TONEFIT LIVAYU SHILAJEET AYUJEET CALIRON PLUS etc.All the information is meant for regd. Medical Practitioners only.
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